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Fall 2023

This group from Austin, Texas has been with us for several years and they returned to our ranch this October for their annual Whitetail hunt. We’ve enjoyed getting to know them. The group, men of all ages, come for hunting, fellowship, prayer and relaxation.

David H. and Crew


Fall 2020

Adam L.

“Thank you from my wife and myself had a great time hunting with you on the ranch and I want to book a hunt for the end of the month and if I have the money I would like to shoot 2 more deer but again thank you for your time and patience with me and my wife love the outfit and hope to do a lot more hunts with you and your staff and we liked carson he is a good guide and looking forward to seeing you soon”


Fall 2020

Rodney and Danita E.

"We had a great time. GW and Carson, words cannot express how we feel about you guys. GW, thanks for all of the work that you put in making the hunt possible as well as successful. You have a beautiful family. Carson, your patience with Danita was amazing. Also your work ethic far exceeds your age. Good luck in your future endeavors. John and Maria it was a pleasure meeting you guys. Maria, thank you so much for taking care of the arrangements. The reservation at Perini Ranch Steakhouse was amazing and a surprise to us both. John, thank you for opening your family ranch for us to enjoy. You made Danita a very happy lady by allowing her to harvest the Scimitar Oryx. We want to thank you all for making us feel like family."


Winter 2020

Sarah B.

"Anyone who knows me, knows how much of an animal lover I am. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this hunt, since it was my first hunt for a mammal. I'm thankful for the 3 animals I walked away with today, and the meat that will be in the freezer for the next couple of months. Also, a big thank you to John and Janet at Connolly Game Ranch for an amazing first hunt experience, your hospitality, AND the gumbo!" 

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