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2023 Shooters

The cream of the crop! Below are our prime exotics and whitetail, ready for the taking. Prices as listed below. 

Trophy Hunts

Meat Hunts

* Species descriptions courtesy of Wikipedia.

Hunt Conditions

*The cost associated with an all inclusive hunt at Connolly Game Ranch (CGR) is a $250 deposit per person which includes lodging, camp incidentals (water, coffee, snacks), guide (excluding tip), transportation on the ranch, and game care.  The posted all inclusive trophy fee is paid after your animal is harvested.  Connolly Game Ranch will retain the deposit if no animal is harvested to cover lodging, incidentals, guide, and transportation.  If an animal is harvested, the deposit is applied to the all inclusive trophy fee owed to CGR.  Guides work off tips, where 10% is customary.

*Cull Buck prices available upon request.

*A wounded animal is charged the same as a kill.  If blood is drawn, it is considered a harvested animal and the hunter must pay in full.


Add a Whitetail Doe

Ask about our "Add a Doe" package. With any trophy hunt, you can add a Whitetail Doe for $200. Only one can be added per hunter.


Eat Right

Feel like you're truly on vacation with our Chef Package. Price is determined by number of guests and days spent. 

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